Profit strategies from shortening links
There are many strategies for profit from a shortcut, and all of them are effective and generate some money when you apply them correctly.Almost everyone in this field has methods and strategies for profit and it is difficult to make someone share his exclusive method with you, but I will explain some proven and effective ways to work in it in the year 2020 .
1- Social networking sites
Spreading links on social media platforms is one of the most important ways to profit in this field, as a site like Facebook, although it has banned this type of links, is allowed, but there are ways and methods to overcome this problem,

Facebook provides you with many channels to spread your links, such as groups and pages, in various different fields, which will provide you with a huge source of visitors.

And as I mentioned to you that Google has banned most of these types of links that display ads to visitors,

But one of the ways to avoid the ban is to use two different websites to shorten the same link.

Facebook allows shortened links that do not display ads, so you shorten your link on a site that displays ads, then you shorten this same link on another site that does not display ads and start publishing on Facebook.

You can also use the method of sending links on personal messages, which is a method that I previously wrote about (profit from Clickbank without a site)

You can use Google trends to find out what are currently trending topics so that you can attract visitors to click on your link, especially on Facebook.

As for Twitter, Twitter saves you the time that you will spend searching for topics on google trends because of the distinctive feature in Twitter, which is the feature of tags (hashtags), as promoting them with a short link that displays ads is allowed on the Twitter platform.

You must keep an eye on developments and events around you in order to be able to post on Twitter and profit, and examples are the presence of a football match in the European League, as most of you will find those interested in this event looking for direct links to the matches here comes your turn to publish links to transfer the shortened matches, and the more you publish the more I won more.
2- Owning a blog, website or forum
This method may seem difficult or take a long time to succeed.
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But let me tell you that owning a website or blog is an imperative and essential thing for profit from the Internet in various fields, including shortening links,

Having an electronic blog is a source for your visitors and you are free to use it to promote all links and affiliate products, so if you do not have a site yet, my advice to you is to speed up and start building your blog.

In the future, it is natural and it is very likely that this blog will turn into the main source of income, as is happening now with many bloggers on the Internet, as the blog allows you to reach a large number of visitors and keep them as well through your mailing list.
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Published on: 8/25/20, 9:53 PM

Profit strategies from shortening links
Profiting from shortening may be one of the oldest and most well-known methods. There are many Arabs who started their career in profit from the Internet in this field.

Profit from shortening links is one of the easy and simple areas that may generate good amounts for you and do not need any prior experience,

Rather, there is a source of visitors who click on your link, and for every thousand clicks, a commission is calculated for you, which may sometimes reach $ 10, depending on the country from which the visitor comes.

In order to get many visitors, we will explain the method of using Google Trends, which shows you the current popular topics or over the previous days and months, and we will explain some effective strategies for profit from shortening links, in addition to some other strategies.

The financial returns in this field may not be high, and in fact I do not think it is feasible to choose this field to work on in the future.

But I think that it is the most suitable field for beginners who need little capital and do not want to spend their own money,

The best in general is that you do not spend from your own pocket at the beginning, but try to collect capital from the Internet, this area is suitable for that, and on a good working day, you may be able to provide sufficient amount to buy your own domain and buy a professional hosting for your website or blog.

What is shortcut links?
The link shortening service is a free service provided by link shortening sites and is summarized in shortening any long and bad-looking link and converting it into a link containing a few letters, and changing its shape in order to become fit to be shared on social networking sites.

It provides the owner of the link with a statistical service by calculating the number of clicks and the number of visitors, all of this in return for displaying ads to the visitors who click on your link and thus you get a commission, there are some link shortening sites that give you these services for free and without displaying ads.

How do sites earn profits?
As you know, these sites display ads when the visitor clicks on the short link, and therefore these sites depend entirely on the presence of advertisers who buy the clicks, in addition to that they also depend on the presence of publishers,

Publishers are the ones who promote their own links for a certain commission that varies from site to site in exchange for continuing to bring visitors.

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